Common Work Injuries During Summer

While summer can be one of the most pleasant times of the year, it is also the season when a higher number of on-the-job injuries occur. Here are some of the most usual workplace injuries to be aware of during the summer, as well as tips for prevention.

Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stoke

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke is one of the most common summer workplace injuries, particularly for those who work outdoors, like those in the agriculture or construction industries.

Workers can reduce their risks of suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke by doing the following.

  • Performing work activities in the early morning or evening if possible
  • Wearing long-sleeved light clothing to protect against the sun
  • Staying hydrated
  • Taking breaks when necessary

Auto Accidents

In the summer, dozens of people head to the city or the beach for shopping, relaxation, or vacation. As such, the roads can be more congested than they are during other times of the year, leading to the prevalence of accidents.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, overall there were more vehicle accident-related deaths in May, June, July, August, and September of 2013 (108, 104, 109, 125, and 115 fatalities respectively) than there were in the other spring and fall months.

You can reduce your chances of injury by following these tips.

  • Put down the distracting devices like cell phones
  • Follow traffic laws
  • Wear a safety belt

Slips, Trips, and Falls

A slip, trip, and fall can happen any time of the year, regardless of weather. A slip and fall accident can lead to devastating injuries, and are the leading cause of death in the construction industry according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Not every slip and fall injury justifies an injury claim, however.

Employers can help to eliminate the occurrence of slip and fall accidents in their workplaces by taking the following actions.

  • Provide workers with safe equipment
  • Plan ahead for work projects that involve heights
  • Ensure that all employees are trained

What to Do When Injured On the Job in Pennsylvania

If an on-the-job summertime injury does occur, a worker should notify his/her employer of the injury immediately. Then, she or he should set out to file a claim for workers’ compensation as soon as possible. Delaying in filing can lead to denial.

If you need help filing your claim for workers’ compensation or appealing a denied claim, make sure you seek legal representation. At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our attorneys know workers’ compensation law, and can help to ensure your claim for benefits is approved. Call us today at 215-642-2335 to get started on your work injury claim.