Cynophobia Treatment, Therapies

Cynophobia is a debilitating fear of dogs. While some people may suffer from the phobia without having any previous negative interactions with canines, many people develop the fear after being attacked by a dog. It is one of the common mental issues that develops after a dog attack. Cynophobia can significantly impair a person’s ability to function in certain situations, such as walking in a neighborhood or park where dogs may be present. As such, therapy and treatment may be required or desired.

Exposure Therapy

One type of therapy that may be used to treat cynophobia is exposure therapy. Exposure therapy involves exposing the patient to dogs – usually support or service dogs – to help the patient understand that not all dogs are dangerous. Exposure therapy can be incredibly emotional and stressful for a patient to undergo.

Developing Coping Skills

Other therapies for those suffering from cynophobia may work on helping the patient to develop coping skills. Coping skills can be developed to help a person manage the phobia when an encounter with a canine does occur, and can also help the patient to reduce anxiety in general. Because cynophobia often occurs simultaneously with depression, anxiety, and even social phobias, treating other conditions may help in combatting cynophobia.


Finally, psychological therapy helps people confront memories of past dog attacks. A person who confronts the terrifying experience may be able to “move on” so to speak. Confronting memories is often paired with cognitive behavior therapy, which focuses on problem-solving in the present and controlling emotions in regard to the way a person thinks about dogs.

How can I pay for my cynophobia treatment and therapy?

Exposure therapy and psychotherapy can both be very expensive. And for many people, the treatment is not affordable, even with health insurance. To help a victim suffering from cynophobia afford treatment, the owner of the dog who was responsible for the dog attack, and, therefore, the onset of cynophobia, may be liable.

Learn More About Dog Bite Law in Pennsylvania

If you’ve been bitten by a dog and are suffering from cynophobia as a result, you may benefit from an attorney’s help. A dog bite lawyer can help you afford treatment options by filing a dog bite claim against a negligent owner who will then compensate you for your damages. To learn more about liability for dog bites in Pennsylvania and the responsibilities of dog owners, contact Cordisco & Saile LLC LLC today at 215-642-2335