Designate a Texter; Save a Life

The newest tool in the fight against distracted driving? A designated texter.

The idea of a designated driver used to apply only to choosing a sober ride home. However, in the age of constant texting, emailing and Googling, it has become necessary to expand the idea of a designated driver to include texting.

Teens Get on Board

Many teens, growing up hearing about the dangers of texting and driving, have already embraced the idea of appointing a designated texter. Naveal Frizier, of Pennsylvania, spoke to State Farm as part of a recent study.

“When I’m in a car with my friends or family, I say, ‘Hey, don’t do that. I’ll text for you.’ I’m the designated texter,” said teen driver Frizier.

It seems that teens are in fact getting the message that texting and driving don’t mix. But drivers in the next age bracket don’t seem to be getting on board.

The Challenge of 20-Somethings   

According to a federal study, drivers ages 21-24 are less likely to recognize the risk of texting and driving than teen drivers. This group of drivers is more likely to use their phone to text, tweet and chat, putting them at an increased risk of getting into a serious accident.

As car accident attorneys who often work with victims of distracted driving accidents in Bucks County, Pa. and across the state, we know the cost of a text. This cost can be more than a banged-up car. Too many crashes end in serious injuries and deaths. We urge you, please—use a designated texter when driving, or wait until you get to your destination. No text is worth a life.