Dunn’s Death raises Dram Shop Questions

Ryan Dunn’s death has “Jackass” fans all over the country and residents of Southeast Pennsylvania wondering: was he drunk? Dunn, a co-star of MTV’s “Viva la Bam” and the “Jackass” franchise, died early Monday morning after allegedly driving his Porsche off the road in Chester County, PA into a wooded area, where the car then caught fire. Zachary Hartwell, Dunn’s passenger, was killed as well. Police have revealed that speed may have been a factor in the single car accident, but Dunn’s Twitter post just hours before the accident has led to speculation about dram shop laws in Pennsylvania.

Ryan Dunn posted a photo to his Twitter page late Sunday night which featured him and some friends drinking at a West Chester, PA bar. Toxicology results now report that Dunn was intoxicated at the time of the Chester County accident.

If it is proven in a wrongful death case that Ryan Dunn was visibility intoxicated and served alcohol just before the fatal Pennsylvania accident, the Chester County bar which served Dunn and subsequently allowed him to drive away could be held accountable by the victims’ families.

Dram shop laws come into play when a liquor establishment allows a customer to become visibly intoxicated and then allows that customer to get behind the wheel. The establishment can then be held financially accountable if the customer injures someone or causes property damage. In the case of Ryan Dunn’s accident, Zachary Hartwell’s family and perhap’s Dunn’s family may have the opportunity to sue the Chester County bar for dram shop violations-if it is proven that he was indeed drunk at the time of the fatal PA accident.

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