Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In Philadelphia

Major cities like Philadelphia can be a dangerous place for pedestrians. In 2010 alone, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported that there were 148 pedestrian deaths in the state. Of these, 30 occurred in Philadelphia County, more than doubling the next highest county (Allegheny with 13 pedestrian deaths).

Accidents of all kinds are dangerous, but those involving pedestrians can be particularly devastating. If you’ve been involved in an accident where you were a pedestrian, speak with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Philadelphia at Cordisco & Saile LLC.

Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are typically associated with a collision between a person who’s walking and a motor vehicle, such as a car. However, pedestrian accidents include any type of accident that occurs to a person while they are walking.

Some common types of pedestrian accidents are listed below.

  • Accidents involving any type of motorized vehicle, such as a car, truck, commercial vehicle, bus, van, motorcycle, or ATV. 
  • Slips, falls, and trips. 
  • And, injuries caused from falling debris or construction site materials. 

While each of the accidents listed above are very different from one another, they all have one thing in common: they are accidents that are caused by the irresponsible actions of another person. For example, an accident involving a motor vehicle may occur because of impaired driving, distracted driving, or aggressive driving.

A slip and fall may be caused by an uneven or poorly maintained surface. An injury caused by falling debris may be attributed to a lack of proper adherence to safety protocols or regulations on the part of a construction company.

Types of Injuries in Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Accidents involving pedestrians can result in traumatic and serious injuries. While injuries can range in severity, common injuries include the following:

  • broken bones.
  • lacerations.
  • bruises.
  • internal injuries.
  • back and neck injuries.
  • spinal cord injuries.
  • traumatic brain injuries.
  • and, death.

Oftentimes, these injuries can have a long lasting impact on a person’s life, and greatly impair a person’s quality of life. If someone else’s negligence caused your pedestrian accident, you may recover damages.

As such, you may be entitled to compensation for the following:

  • medical costs.
  • pain and suffering.
  • and, lost wages.

If you were hit by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian, you are automatically full tort and can file a tort claim against an at-fault motorist. If it was your loved one who was killed in a pedestrian accident, damages may expand to include the following:

  • funeral expenses.
  • loss of consortium.
  • and, medical bills.

Review the damages you may recover and which parties may be liable with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Philadelphia. Each case is unique and the type of claim and liable party can vary depending on the circumstances of your accident.

Get Help from a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury in a pedestrian accident, the time to take action is now. In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations for pursing a personal injury case is two years from the date of injury, as detailed in Pa. Const. Stat. Sec. 5524.

Pennsylvania law is complex, and the assistance of an attorney is essential in navigating its many intricacies. At Cordisco & Saile LLC, a pedestrian accident lawyer in Philadelphia can answer all of your legal questions and help you understand your rights after a pedestrian accident.

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