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What To Do After a Spinal Fracture in a Car Accident

Doctor with vertebrae

Spinal fractures are some of the most serious and painful broken bones. Vertebrae are the bones that make up the spine or the back. The violent thrashing and jarring of an auto accident can cause vertebra fractures. Our personal injury law firm has seen spinal fractures from auto accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Older persons experience spinal fractures more frequently than younger people due to the weakening of the bones. Also, men are far more likely than women to suffer a vertebral fracture.

Vertebrae fractures or breaks usually occur from the bones being crushed by a heavy force (such as getting ran over by a car tire or getting trampled) or by a high energy extension of the spine in one direction causing a violent collision and breaking of the spinal bones.

After a spinal fracture, it is important NOT TO MOVE and GET MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY. The emergency service personnel will immobilize the back and neck and rush the injured person to the nearest trauma hospital. The neck and back will then be x-rayed at the hospital. For more complex spinal injuries or more difficult back fractures to visualize in an x-ray test, a CAT scan or MRI test may be used to identify the vertebrae fracture.

Treatment for spinal or vertebrae fractures includes SURGERY or BRACING and REST. Surgery consists of identifying the fracture and then placing the vertebrae in the proper position. Metal hardware, including screws, rods, and plates may be used to keep the spinal bones in place. If the broken spinal bone is braced (without surgery), the injured person will be placed on bed rest to immobilize the spine. Gradually, movement will be introduced to the spinal column along with physical therapy.

Because spinal fractures are serious injuries, they deserve MAJOR MONEY COMPENSATION. Vertebrae fractures may require a lot of TREATMENT and you may incur HEFTY MEDICAL BILLS. Spinal fractures usually keep injured people out of work for long periods of time. ARTHRITIS may also set in, making a spinal fracture a painful part of the rest of your life.

If you or a loved one has suffered a broken vertebra (spinal fracture) from a violent auto accident or truck accident in the Philadelphia area, contact the spinal injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC. Our injury law firm is conveniently located in lower Bucks County, PA, but we will travel throughout the States of New Jersey and Pennsylvania to meet with an injured person. We know how to recover fair compensation for these MOST SERIOUS types of injures. We may even employ an economist to help determine the amount of your future lost wage to that you can have a more comfortable life. It is recommended to make contact with our injury law firm as soon as possible so that an insurance company does not TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU.

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