How To Be Visible on Your Motorcycle and Avoid Accidents in Bucks County

Motorcycles are becoming a more popular form of transportation due to both the high cost of gas and the “thrill factor” that comes with being on the open road. Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. points out that the riding season in Pennsylvania and New Jersey can generally span from April to December. While some drivers get nervous when they see they are sharing the road with motorcycles, it is important that motorcyclists and motorists alike know how to coexist and operate safely in order to avoid causing Philadelphia area accidents.  


Congestion and Distraction Factors


Unfortunately though, with such high traffic volume on roads such as I-95, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Steet Road, and Route 1, the greater number of motorcycle accidents there are. A very common phrase you will hear drivers who are involved in an accident with a motorcyclist say is, “I never saw that motorcycle.”  Driver distraction is also sometimes to blame when a motorcycle is struck by a motorist.


One-Person Accidents Are Common

Motorists are not the only source of danger for bikers on Pennsylvania and New Jersey roadways. Motorcyclists often have one-vehicle accidents – themselves and a tree, a telephone pole, a concrete median, or even the road itself – which can result in serious injuries. in order to prevent the serious injuries that can be sustained in a one-vehicle accident, bikers should:

  • Be aware of their speed,
  • Remain in control of their vehicle,
  • Wear a helmet,
  • Be alert to road surface conditions (e.g. potholes, rough roads, transitioning road surfaces), and
  • Refrain from riding recklessly.  


Some of the injuries Attorney Saile has seen in those motorcyclists he represents in his practice include:

  • Broken Bones
  • Head Trauma (brain injury)
  • Deep Abrasions
  • Scarring
  • Spinal Damage (including paralysis)


Good Motorcycle Driving Habits

In order to prevent causing an accident or being the victim of an accident with an automobile, it is important as a motorcyclist to be visible to drivers. It is also wise to use the following tips:

  • Don’t linger in blind spots of vehicles near to you on the road.
  • Utilize all of your mirrors.
  • Leave enough space in between you and the vehicle in front of you. 
  • Be careful when passing and avoid weaving in and out of lanes of traffic. 
  • If riding with a group, keep a safe distance around you; give yourself enough room to react in case of needing to remove yourself from a dangerous situation.
  • Never ride a motorcycle drunk (DUI) or under the influence a controlled substance.


Everyone on the road operating any sort of vehicle has the responsibility to be a cautious driver and to be paying attention at all times.  Even so, accidents still happen.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident due to the carelessness of another, contact the PA accident lawyers at Saile & Saile LLP, located in lower Bucks County. Get help with your legal questions, including whether or not you have a case, how to be compensated for your injuries, how your medical bills get paid, and the importance of obtaining medical treatment. Contact us at 215-642-2335.