Neck Pain After Accidents

Your neck, which consists of the top seven vertebrae of your spine, is a fragile part of your body that can truly be damaged in a Bucks County car accident. Whiplash is the most common neck injury which can result from even the most minor fender benders.  Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, Michael Saile explains about the other neck injuries can result as well, including:

Neck Sprain– Occurs when ligaments in the neck are stretched or torn. This type of personal injury is often the result of a rear-end accident.

Neck Strain– Occurs when muscles of the neck are stretched or torn, also referred to as pulled muscles and whiplash. This type of personal injury can also result from a rear-end accident in Pennsylvania.

Cervical Radiculopathy– This is more commonly known as a pinched nerve, which is usually the result of a herniated disc or bulging disc. This type of personal injury can result in any kind of auto accident.

Herniated Discs/Bulging Discs– These can occur in the neck as well as the rest of the spine.

All of these neck injuries can cause various symptoms, including general neck pain, headaches, shoulder or arm pain, numbness or weakness, and muscle spasms. If you feel these symptoms in the aftermath of a Philadelphia area car accident, you may have sustained a neck injury and you should see your doctor.

In order to make a diagnosis, your doctor may run a number of tests, including a CAT scan, nerve testing, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). A variety of treatment options are available once your doctor has diagnosed your neck injury. From pain medication to spinal surgery, the treatment should be tailored to your specific neck injury. Also available is physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, or even epidural injections. Your doctor may recommend these treatments if he or she feels they are right for your neck injury.

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