New AAA Weather-related Accidents Study

A new study published by the AAA (American Automobile Association) Foundation found that weather plays a role in more than 1.1 million crashes every year in the U.S. These auto accidents lead to 425,000 injures and more than 5,000 fatalities annually.

Winter weather is a factor in more than 225,000 of these wrecks, and over 600 of the fatalities. Because of these findings, AAA issued a warning to drivers to be especially careful when driving during rain, sleet, snow, or ice.

When do most bad weather crashes occur? 

The statistics show winter as the most dangerous time of year for bad weather driving – with 46 percents of bad-weather accidents occurring in winter – and the overnight hours as the most treacherous for motorists. Most weather-related crashes occur between six p.m. and six a.m., possibly because of black ice and poor visibility.

Which type of weather has the highest risk of accidents?

Wet weather, such as rain and snow, have the highest risk of accidents, causing approximately 500,000 and 189,000 accidents a year, respectively. However, even though rain and snow increase the chances of an accident, the AAA study shows that weather-related wrecks are less likely to cause a fatality than those in which weather plays no role.

Wet or snowy roads contribute to a large number of accidents each year, but responsible motorists slow down and use caution, which could explain why drivers and passengers are 31 percent less likely to suffer injury in wet-road crashes than they are in those that occur on dry roads. Fatal accidents show an even greater margin of difference, with 47 percent fewer deaths per accident on wet roads 

Since bad weather tends to slow drivers, drivers are often at a higher risk when snow has just begun to fall, or when accumulation totals are low. Navigating slick roads is dangerous at any time; always make sure to use extra caution when you feel it is necessary. Whenever possible, stay home. It could save your life or someone else’s.

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