NJ Judge Cited For Allegedly Dismissing Friend’s Traffic Violation

A Formal Complaint was recently filed by the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct of the Supreme Court of New Jersey against a certain NJ Municipal Court judge who presides in East Orange and Irvington Municipal Courts.

The Complaint alleges that this NJ Municipal Court judge met in her chambers “ex parte” (without the prosecutor’s presence, which could be a violation) and dismissed a “friend’s” NJ traffic violation, which was a result of an NJ traffic accident. Not only was the NJ traffic ticket and corresponding DMV and insurance points dismissed, but this NJ Municipal Court Judge also dismissed the court costs associated with the NJ traffic violation.

The Advisory Committee has cited this NJ Municipal Court judge with at least five violations of the Canons of the Code of Judicial Conduct. There has been no formal ruling by the NJ Supreme Court on this matter yet. At this point, the Formal Complaint against this NJ Municipal Court judge is merely an allegation. We will keep you posted on the final outcome.

Do you think this is fair? How does the NJ accident victim feel about this alleged misconduct? What do you think should happen to the NJ Municipal Court Judge? Should she be allowed to continue to be a judge in New Jersey? Should she be allowed to practice law in NJ?