Non-Collision Bus Accident Injuries

A traffic accident isn’t the only way in which bus passengers can sustain injury. Many injuries actually arise from other hazards or situations that occur on a bus. When passengers sustain serious injuries while in transit or when entering or exiting the bus, they may be able to file a claim or lawsuit against any negligent parties that are responsible.

Examples of Non-Collision Bus Accident Injuries

The annual injury incidence for bus passengers is roughly two per 10,000 passengers, according to a study published in IATSS Research. The most common non-collision injury occurred when passengers disembarked the bus. These alighting incidents accounted for more than half of the injuries.

Other examples of non-collision occurrences include the following.

  • One passenger assaulting another
  • Slips and falls inside of the bus
  • Sudden stops or starts that cause whiplash or cause a fall
  • Fires that occur on the bus
  • Luggage or other items falling on a passenger

According to a research report in Emergency Medicine Journal, more than half of the passengers who are injured on buses are older than 55, and most victims are standing when the injury occurs. The most common non-collision bus accident injuries are to the limbs, vertebral column and head.

Can you file a claim for bus accident injuries?

Injury claims and lawsuits are based on the concept of negligence, i.e., your injury must have occurred as a result of another party’s negligence. If the bus company’s or driver’s, a third party’s (such as tire manufacturer), or another passenger’s actions caused you to suffer injury, then you most likely will be able to take legal action to seek recovery for damages. To qualify, you and your lawyer will need to be able to prove the following.

  • The defendant (e.g., bus company) failed to uphold its duty of care.
  • The defendant’s actions caused you harm.
  • You suffered actual injuries as a result.

Note, if the bus was owned by the city, such as a school bus or public transit, there are special rules that apply. Suits against government entities are quite complicated. Complicated – but not impossible. A bus accident attorney can advise you accordingly.

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