The Overlooked Bucks County Car Accident Injury, Whiplash in Children

It’s a terrifying thought to know that your child could become seriously injured in a Bucks County car accident every time they get in a vehicle. A common type of injury, which is often times overlooked, is whiplash.

The basics of whiplash

Whiplash is the result of the soft tissue in the neck becoming injured. Whiplash generally:

  • Occurs when there is a sudden back-and-forth movement of the head
  • Most common in rear collisions
  • Results in pain lasting from weeks to several years

Whiplash in children

Whiplash in children can be a serious injury. You should consider that:

  • Children are more at risk, because they are smaller and their spine is not as strong as an adult’s
  • Whiplash in children is harder to diagnose, since many children have difficulties describing their symptoms
  • Children are more at risk when sitting upfront and should always be properly restrained

Overlooking whiplash

For whatever reason, whiplash in children is oftentimes overlooked. There is little literature available for whiplash in children, and many times, insurance companies refuse to pay for treatment for children.

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