Visiting the Emergency Room in Bristol

After you’ve been involved in an auto accident or were injured in some other way, the thought of going to an emergency room can be daunting. Between the crowded waiting room, long waits and expensive bills, it’s definitely not on anyone’s “favorite places to be” list.

But regardless of the lengthy wait or the costly bills, visiting an ER is crucial after you’ve been in a wreck or otherwise injured. Here’s why.

Something Could Be Wrong

First and foremost, visit a doctor to make sure you’re physically OK. If you were hurt, injured or are any way sore, always seek medical attention. Even if you think you came out unscathed, there is always the possibility your accident led to some underlying condition. Whether it’s a mild concussion, bruised ribs or something more serious, it’s important to get fully evaluated by a medical professional after you’ve been involved in any type of incident.

It’s also possible that symptoms or conditions caused by your accident don’t manifest until weeks, months or even years later. It’s important to mention every ache and pain to your doctor after an accident; that way, if a condition develops in that area later on, you’re able to attribute it to your accident and seek damages for it.

Documentation Is Necessary

When you go to an ER after an accident, always be sure to mention the accident when being evaluated – the physician likely will ask about the source of the injury or pain anyway. This ensures that your accident and the subsequent injuries it caused are noted on your medical records. If your accident leads to an insurance or legal claim later, this document can help prove that the injuries you suffered were indeed due to the accident and not caused by any wrongdoing on your part.

It’s important to note that ER bills typically can be very expensive. According to the Medical Expenditures Panel Survey, the average emergency room visit in 2008 was a whopping $922. It’s important to keep track of these charges and save any itemized bills and receipts so you’ll be able to determine accurately how much you’re owed in an insurance or legal settlement in the future.

Delayed Treatment Could Cost You

If you put off seeking medical care after an accident, insurance companies could use it against you. Delaying medical treatment could be used to show that 1) you were not seriously injured because you didn’t seek medical help right away, and 2) that your injuries could have been caused by something else in the time period between your accident and when you sought medical care.

You may be taken to the emergency room by ambulance after your accident or you may choose to have somebody drive you. This shows that not only did you seek medical attention, but you also did so right after the accident.

In Summary

If you’re unable to visit an emergency room immediately after your accident because of costs or other factors, consider visiting a local urgent care facility or your general practitioner. Not only is this the best decision for your health, but it also helps to ensure that you’ll get the compensation you are due from any insurance and legal claims involving your accident and injuries.

An attorney at Cordisco & Saile LLC can help injured victims in Bristol, PA or other nearby communities file an accident claim to recover compensation for medical bills in the emergency room, as well as for any subsequent care.