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Is there a weight restriction for truckers?

No, there is no standardized federal weight limit for truck drivers.

However, there are trucking companies that have started enforcing BMI or weight restrictions as a hiring criteria. While some have cried foul, believing this is a form of discrimination, the companies point out that overweight truck drivers are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea, a condition that can negatively impact the driver’s ability to drive safely.

In addition, hiring and keeping on drivers who are morbidly obese raises healthcare costs for the company. Costs are also higher due to higher accident rates seen among truck drivers who are extremely overweight. For trucking companies, a leaner employee is a safer, cheaper employee.

Federal Regulations

Right now, federal regulations do require that truck drivers undergo a physical every two years. However, many complain that these are easily forged, allowing truck drivers with serious medical conditions such as heart disease and sleep apnea to stay on the road.

While the time may come when government rules prohibit companies from hiring obese truck drivers, for now, many companies are doing a good job of policing themselves, and hiring leaner, fitter truck drivers.

At the Philadelphia semi truck accident law firm of Cordisco & Saile, we know that driver behavior and driver health can have a serious impact on the lives of both truck drivers and the motorists around them. If you have been hurt during an accident in Pennsylvania or anywhere in Philadelphia, call 800-860-5801 to schedule a free consultation with a Bucks County personal injury lawyer with the power and resources to fight for your rights.

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