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What should I do if another driver tailgates my vehicle?

One of the most frustrating behaviors to deal with when driving is tailgating, Not only is tailgating annoying, but it can also be dangerous, and can lead to a rear-end collision or one of many other auto accidents. Often, an incident of tailgating may also incite road rage, which can in turn trigger a likelihood of aggressive driving. Here’s what you should do if another driver tailgates your vehicle.


Change Lanes if Possible

If you’re in a position to change lanes safely, doing so can be the easiest way to free yourself of a tailgating driver. By allowing the other driver to pass you, you can prevent a dangerous situation.

Slow Down

Unfortunately, changing lanes to allow the other driver to go around you isn’t always possible or safe. When this is the case, you should slow down. While slowing down may seem like the last thing you should do—as tailgating is often a signal that the other driver wants you to move faster—slowing down is usually the safest thing. By slowing down, you’ll create more space for you to stop if necessary, and hopefully reduce the severity of injuries and damage in the event that a wreck does happen.

Control Your Own Road Rage

There’s no doubt about it; dealing with a tailgater can be infuriating. While you may be tempted to slam on the brakes, honk, or use foul language or gestures to get your point across, resist the urge, as doing so can incite an attack. You never know who has a weapon in his or her car and the other person may be dealing with some emotional issues.

Instead of indulging your road rage, how to deal with road rage is practice deep breathing exercises, focus on slowing down or moving out of the way, or put on a song that you love. No matter what you do, though, stay calm and collected as doing so can be the difference between a safe and accident-free ride home and a dangerous collision or confrontation.

Call in the License Plate

If you’re concerned about the mindset of the other driver and think that he or she may make the roads unsafe for other drivers, don’t hesitate to call it in. You can report an unsafe driver in Pennsylvania by calling 1-877-347-9966 or using the Pennsylvania Department of General Services online report form. Give as much detailed information as you can retain. Just make sure that you’re pulled over to the side of the road or not driving when you report it. Never use your cell phone while behind the wheel.

When Tailgating Leads to an Accident

If tailgating leads to an accident, read Cordisco & Saile LLC’s auto accidents library about full tort auto insurance and what to do after an accident as you wait for help. And to speak with an attorney, don’t wait to call us. You can reach our offices at 215-642-2335.