What Should You Do When a Slip & Fall Injury Occurs?

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What Should You Do When a Slip & Fall Injury Occurs?

A bad fall can injure anyone, but children and the elderly are especially susceptible to catastrophic, lasting damage. If a slip and fall occurs at someone’s home or place of business, the property owner or manager could be legally at fault for any injuries that result.

If you suffered a slip and fall injury in Pennsylvania, you might be eligible to collect compensation for the damages you suffered, but it is important to take the right steps after your injury to be certain you have the strongest possible case. Here is what you should do when a slip and fall injury occurs.

Do I Need to Seek Medical Attention?

If you suffered severe injuries common to a slip and fall accident—such as head trauma, spinal injuries, or broken bones—you need to seek immediate medical help. However, even if your injuries seem minor, you should get checked out right away.

Even if you feel fine or only mildly shaken up, you cannot be certain that you do not have a more serious injury lurking beneath. Not all injuries manifest themselves right away.

Seeking prompt medical treatment can also help you establish the strongest possible link between your slip and fall accident and your injuries. The stronger this link is, the better chance you have of winning damages.

What Should I Do While I Am at the Scene of My Accident?

If your condition permits, document the area where you fell. Make your observations vivid and detailed. Identify the specific cause of your fall. For instance, note if it was:

  • A wet floor; 
  • Uneven pavement;
  • A pothole; 
  • An ice patch;or
  • An unmarked hazard.

Write down what happened before your memory of the event fades. Even more importantly, pull out your phone and take pictures and video. Capture the hazard that caused your fall as clearly and from as many angles and vantage points as possible.

The property owner will likely take pictures of their own, and their pictures will likely present the situation in a very different light. You do not want the property owner’s pictures to be the only ones shown in court, so take as many of your own photos as you can.

What If There Were Witnesses to My Fall?

Try to gather statements from anyone in the area who witnessed your fall. If you are unable to speak with them at length, take down their names, addresses, and phone numbers so your attorney can follow up with them later.

Even if no one witnessed your fall, you should still talk to as many people as you can who were in the vicinity. They might be able to attest to the conditions of the premises at the time of your fall and your physical condition after the accident.

Do I Need to Notify the Owner of the Premises of My Accident?

If your fall occurred at a business open to the public, notify the store owner or manager right away and fill out an incident report. Do not try to settle the issue on the spot, however. It takes time to determine the extent of your injuries or how much compensation you might be eligible to receive.

Be sure to listen carefully to what the owner, manager, or any other employee of the business has to say. Document any statements you think might help your case. Even an offhand remark can establish liability and prove the validity of your slip and fall case.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

slip and fall accident lawyer in Pennsylvania will understand how state premises liability laws could impact your claim. They can evaluate your injuries and the evidence in your case, and help you pursue the responsible party or parties for fair compensation.

After you receive the medical care you need, your next call should be to the attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC. Once our premises liability lawyers begin investigating your slip and fall injury and gathering evidence, we can start building a strong case on your behalf.

How Can I Discuss My Slip and Fall Case With a Premises Liability Lawyer?

At Cordisco & Saile LLC, we understand premises liability law. We can help you go after fair compensation for a slip and fall injury suffered on someone else’s property.

It starts with a free consultation and case evaluation. We answer all your questions and go over your options with you. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 215-642-2335.

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