Car Accident Lawyer in Bensalem

If you were in a Bensalem car accident, you might be wondering what to do next. After all, the list of things tasks after an accident can be long and stress-inducing. Among them are:

  • Keeping doctor appointments;
  • Attending therapy and rehabilitation sessions;
  • Scheduling car repairs;
  • Shopping for a replacement vehicle;
  • Finding transportation to and from work; and
  • Filing insurance claims.

If you have severe injuries, the stress is even greater. Your focus should be on making a full recovery, not on minutiae. That is why you should not deal with the aftermath of a car accident on your own. You need a skilled car accident lawyer in Bensalem to take everything off your shoulders.

At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our specialty is helping accident victims get the compensation they deserve. We handle all aspects of your case from beginning to end. That frees up time for you to focus on the important things: your health and family.

Our attorneys identify the responsible parties, gather evidence, build a case, and pursue damages relentlessly. We even help you take care of all the little things that can add up to a big headache. We deal with the insurance companies, secure transportation so you can get to work, and more.

Best of all, our consultations are always free. We do not get paid until you do. That means we have extra motivation to fight for every dollar on your behalf. Our attorneys can answer your questions and advise you of your rights. When you are ready to get started, we will begin the process of gathering evidence and building your case. Call 215-642-2335 today to schedule an appointment.

What type of compensation am I eligible for after a car crash?

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences. If you suffer injuries, recovery can be a long and painful process. On top of that, you have all the expenses involved in treating your injuries. There is no such thing as a cheap hospital stay. Many car accident injuries, such as those to the head and spine, require a lengthy stay and extensive follow-up care.

You will also likely face costs involved with repairing or replacing your vehicle. Insurance companies love to lowball on this expense and many others. They have entire teams of highly paid professionals whose sole job is to figure out a way to pay you as little as possible. Given their size and financial resources, going up against them alone can be daunting. Our skilled attorneys know how to fight these big insurance companies and win compensation for car crash victims.

We pursue every type of compensation you deserve after a car wreck. This might include:

  • Medical bills, both current and future;
  • Lost wages;
  • Reduced earning capacity;
  • Vehicle repair or replacement;
  • Property damage, including any personal items, jewelry, or electronic devices damaged in crash;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Punitive damages if the responsible party was grossly negligent or acting maliciously; and
  • Wrongful deathin cases where a loved one died in the accident.

We build substantial evidence for every type of compensation we pursue. Our goal is that the responsible party or parties—not you—pay for every dollar of your expenses from the crash.

What is the difference between full tort and limited tort car insurance?

Pennsylvania has a unique auto insurance law that can affect your compensation. In particular, it can make a difference in how much you receive for pain and suffering.

When you buy a car insurance policy, it can be either full tort or limited tort. With a full tort policy, you have no restrictions on pursuing the responsible party for damages for your injuries. But, with a limited tort policy, you can only pursue damages for pain and suffering in certain cases. Specifically, you must have suffered “severe” injuries in the crash.

As you might imagine, “severe” is a subjective term. There is a gray area for certain post-accident injuries that may seem severe to you, but not to your insurer. Is a broken leg severe? What about a concussion? This is where our attorneys’ skill and experience come into play. If you have injuries, then regardless of your insurance, we will fight for pain and suffering damages. We use every piece of evidence available to demonstrate that your injuries qualify.

What if the accident was my fault?

No matter the circumstances of your accident, you have rights. We can help you take advantage of those rights. At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our focus is on steering your case to its best possible outcome.

Just because the police report says you were at fault does not mean you are ineligible for compensation. There are several circumstances where you can win damages, even as the at-fault party. For instance:

  • Another driver in the accident also broke a traffic law or demonstrated negligence;
  • Your car or one of its parts had a defectthat caused or contributed to the crash;
  • There was a flaw in the road design that led to the collision, such as a missing guard rail or excessive pothole;
  • A traffic control device—like a red light signal—malfunctioned; or
  • A stop sign, yield sign, or other road sign was missing or obscured.

This list is not exhaustive. Dozens of potential scenarios exist where you can be the at-fault party in a crash but also be eligible to recover damages from someone else. Even if you were partially at fault for your crash, under the state’s modified comparative negligence laws, you can still recover some damages.

We can help you determine your level of fault and the maximum amount of compensation you may recover.

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After a car accident, your first move should be getting any medical care you need. Then, talk to one of the Bensalem car accident lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC right away. The sooner you talk to us, the easier we can gather evidence while it is fresh and start building a strong case. Remember, the consultation is always free, and we do not get paid until you do. Schedule a time to come in and talk with an attorney about your legal options. Call 215-642-2335 today or stop by our office.