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From time to time, every one of us will have to take a prescription drug to fight off an illness. Doctors prescribe medication to rid our bodies of viruses and bacteria, and to reduce the pain of an injury or illness. Most of the time, prescription drugs serve their intended purpose. Their benefits usually outweigh their side effects.

On rare occasion, though, drugs with dangerous—even fatal—side effects slip through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process, or a mistake in the manufacturing process results in improperly formulated medications. These drugs pose potentially deadly threats to those who take them.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries after taking a dangerous or defective drug, the legal team at Cordisco & Saile LLC can help you win a fair settlement from the manufacturer. Our personal injury attorneys focus on defective drug law. Our track record of helping injured clients long and successful.

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The Threat of Dangerous and Defective Drugs

Most people feel confident taking medication their doctor prescribes. The vast majority of the time, this confidence is justified. The FDA scrutinizes every new drug that hits the market, rigorously testing it to be sure of its safety and efficacy.

Our government’s safeguards against dangerous drugs are highly effective, but not foolproof. Despite the FDA’s intense approval process, a bad drug occasionally manages to slip through and causes harm to those who take it.

The consequences of taking a dangerous or defective drug can vary, ranging from minor effects such as a day or two of sickness or nausea, to serious, debilitating conditions that require emergency medical intervention or even death.

Regardless of how you ended up with a bad drug, someone else is undoubtedly responsible. Our job is to find that person, company, or entity, and hold them financially accountable for your losses.

What Is the Difference Between Dangerous and Defective Drugs?

Our attorneys have won big settlements for clients whose injuries occurred due to dangerous and defective drugs. The two types of bad drugs are not the same thing, however. Here are the differences between defective and dangerous drugs.

Defective Drugs

A defective drug is one that undergoes the proper research, receives approval from the FDA, and—when formulated, stored, and distributed according to proper protocol—is effective with minimal side effects. However, something goes wrong in the process, causing the drug to reach the consumer in an altered and potentially dangerous form.

Drugs can become defective when:

  • A lab worker includes the wrong quantity of an active ingredient—either too much or too little;
  • A batch of medication is improperly formulated due to poor communication between the research and development team and the lab; or
  • Excessive heat or humidity during transport or storage causes harmful changes in the drug.

Drug defects are rare and, even when they happen, usually only affect a tiny percentage of the total amount of the given drug on the market. If a friend or relative took the same drug and had no issues, do not assume it was a unique reaction with your body and that there was no problem with the drug. Chances are, you simply got a bad batch and they did not.

Dangerous Drugs

A dangerous drug is a medication that is inherently harmful, either to the entire population or to those with certain pre-existing conditions. If you ended up with a dangerous drug, it is usually for one of two reasons. Either the FDA missed something during the approval process, or your doctor or pharmacist made an error when prescribing the medication.

How Much Money Can I Win in a Defective or Dangerous Drug Claim?

If you took a bad drug that your doctor should never have prescribed in the first place, you deserve compensation. This may come from the drug manufacturer or, if medical malpractice occurred, the doctor or pharmacist who prescribed the medication.

Each defective and dangerous drug claim features unique circumstances, making it impossible to estimate a dollar value of your claim before knowing all the details. While every case is different, our legal team always fights for a fair settlement that includes everything you deserve.

Our attorneys know how to take on the responsible party and their insurance company, seeking a variety of accident-related damages.

Medical Bills

We seek compensation for both your current and expected future medical costs. This includes hospital bills, surgeries, doctor appointments, medications, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. We conduct an extensive review of your diagnosis and medical records, ensuring we pursue every dollar for which you are eligible.

Lost Wages and Reduced Earning Capacity

While recovering from your drug-related injuries, you might have to miss work. That means losing out on income that should be yours. If the drug has lasting effects that reduce your earning capacity, your income might suffer on a long-term basis through no fault of your own. Our attorneys seek compensation for all earnings you are missing out on due to your injuries.

Pain and Suffering

You are eligible to recover compensation for your pain and suffering. However, these damages are subjective, making it especially important to have an attorney who can make a compelling case for top compensation.

Punitive Damages

In certain cases, the responsible party’s actions were so egregious that we can seek punitive damages. Punitive damages are additional compensation meant to punish the party for wrongdoing. A judge may award this compensation on top of all other damages for which you are eligible.

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