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Norristown Brain Injury Lawyer

 If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident caused by someone else, you have the right to file a claim for damages. At Cordisco & Saile LLC, we are ready to help you seek the compensation you deserve. As experienced Norristown brain injury lawyers, we will work tirelessly as we negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and protect your rights throughout the legal process. 

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, often have long-term consequences, such as cognitive, emotional, and sensory changes that result in permanent disabilities. Not only is suffering a brain injury expensive, but it can also be an emotionally draining experience for the victim and their families. Choosing the right legal representation is crucial to protect your rights and pursue maximum compensation. 

The team at Cordisco & Saile LLC is here to support you every step of the way, providing dedicated counsel and always fighting to secure the most favorable settlement for you. When seeking compensation for a traumatic brain injury, you can be confident the Norristown brain injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile will use their experience and skill to advocate for you.

Brain Injury Statistics in Norristown

Every year, tens of thousands of people suffer traumatic brain injuries in Pennsylvania. Data provided by Pennsylvania’s Department of Health provides a sobering perspective on just how common these life-changing injuries are in Norristown, Montgomery County, and throughout Pennsylvania. 

Prevalence of TBIs in Montgomery County

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries are quite common in Montgomery County and throughout Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported the following as of 2020: 

  • 138,600 children and adults experience a brain injury in the commonwealth each year.
  • 209,880 people are living in the state with brain injury-related disabilities.
  • 1,982 Pennsylvanians die, and 11,088 are hospitalized due to brain injuries annually. 

The Department of Health said using seat belts or helmets could prevent more than 85 percent of traumatic brain injuries. Children and seniors are the most at risk for experiencing TBI. 

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Common Causes of TBIs in Norristown, PA

In Norristown, common causes of traumatic brain injuries include the following. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traffic accidents cause many traumatic brain injuries in Norristown. Whether involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, or pedestrians, these accidents can lead to severe head trauma. If you experience a head injury in a vehicle accident, contact a Norristown brain injury attorney who can help you navigate the legal process.

Workplace Accidents

Workers in numerous industries are at risk for head injuries. Falls, falling objects, equipment malfunctions, and other incidents are common causes of workplace TBIs. When a TBI results from a workplace accident, you need a lawyer who understands the complexity of these cases. Cordisco & Saile stands ready to help victims understand their rights and build a solid case to help them pursue compensation.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents are common in public spaces, such as stores, restaurants, and parking lots. But they can also occur in private spaces, such as homes or privately owned outdoor properties. Because these accidents usually result in your body or head hitting the floor with great force, they frequently cause TBIs. It is important to consult with a Norristown brain injury lawyer at Cordisco & Saile to explore the potential avenues for claiming compensation for slip-and-fall incidents. Recovering damages can help to ease the financial burden of these injuries.

Medical Malpractice

While nontraumatic brain injuries more commonly result from medical malpractice cases, traumatic brain injuries can also result. Traumatic brain injuries may occur from birth injuries, nursing home abuse, or falls due to improper supervision.

Building a Robust Case for a Traumatic Brain Injury

No matter how clear-cut the other party’s liability may seem, building a strong case with compelling evidence can help you achieve a better outcome. You can count on our team at Cordisco & Saile to work tirelessly to investigate your accident and gather documentation, medical reports, and eyewitness testimonies to show what happened, who is at fault, and how much compensation you are owed. 

Evaluating how much compensation you should seek is another pivotal part of building a strong claim. We understand the importance of careful preparation, especially when dealing with the potentially life-long consequences of TBIs. 

Our team can use the evidence we collect to calculate how much money you have spent on medical treatment and lost in income. Given your prognosis, we can also help you figure out how much money you will need to receive care and rehabilitation in the future. In addition, we can calculate the damages you are entitled to for your pain and suffering, fully compensating you for your injury’s impact on your life.  

The Complexities of Settling With an Insurance Company

Victims of traumatic incidents often feel tempted to settle with the insurance company swiftly to avoid a prolonged legal process. 

However, quick settlements frequently undervalue your damages. If you accept an early offer, you may receive less than you deserve, leaving you financially unstable in the long run. Thus, understanding the full value of your case and injury, including future costs, is critical. 

How a Norristown Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help

You need to speak with a Norristown brain injury lawyer about the considerations involved with settlement offers. They can help you steer clear of the pitfalls associated with quick settlements. The attorneys at Cordisco & Saile have years of experience successfully negotiating with insurance companies over traumatic brain injury cases. 

Working with Cordisco & Saile gives you the best chance at a fair settlement that covers all your suffering and losses.

Why Choose Cordisco & Saile?

When navigating the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury, choose a lawyer with a proven track record and a full understanding of the intricacies involved in traumatic brain injury cases. Cordisco & Saile has a proven track record of serving clients in Norristown and beyond, offering a rare blend of aggressive advocacy, professionalism, and compassion. Our team understands that behind every case is a person reeling from substantial loss and pain, and we dedicate ourselves to fighting for justice for each client.

Testimonials and Settlements

Numerous testimonials from satisfied clients speak to the dedicated, personalized service our lawyers offer. Our history of securing substantial verdicts and settlements in traumatic brain injury cases speaks volumes about our skills and commitment to our clients.

For example, we secured a $10 million settlement for a client’s brain and spinal cord injuries from a Philadelphia truck accident. We also negotiated a $2.9 million settlement for a client who sustained TBI in a motorcycle accident. These are just a couple of examples of the substantial settlements we have helped injured clients receive. 

We Are Proud To Fight for You

You deserve quality and knowledgeable legal representation when fighting for damages after experiencing an accident-caused TBI. Our legal team wants you to receive the compensation you deserve. We proudly serve injured victims and advocate for their rights. We have recovered billions for our clients and will make your best interest our number one priority. 

Trust Us for Help With Your TBI Case

As you seek a trustworthy Norristown brain injury lawyer, remember that our firm is built on professionalism, compassion, and years of experience successfully resolving traumatic brain injury cases. By choosing Cordisco & Saile, you are not just getting a law firm; you are gaining a partner who will fight for justice and your well-being.

If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury, the impact can change your life forever. This is especially true if you need ongoing medical treatment and care, which can cost millions of dollars over your lifetime. Contact Cordisco & Saile today and take a step toward seeking the compensation you need and deserve.

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