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Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Pennsylvania

When a doctor provides substandard care to a patient that results in harm, it is called medical malpractice. Pennsylvania has laws about medical malpractice designed to protect affected patients. If you believe you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice, consult Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers to review your circumstances and develop a plan of action to seek compensation.

Which medical mistakes constitute malpractice?

It is important to remember that not all errors made in medicine equate to malpractice. Some errors do occur and are not attributable to a negligent or wrongful act on the part of the medical professional. Understanding the difference between an unavoidable error and medical malpractice is essential in determining whether or not you have a viable case.

In order to prove that your injury or harm is medical malpractice, you must be able to prove negligence or incompetence on the part of the doctor or other medical professional. To do so, consider whether you would have received a higher level of care from another medical professional in a similar situation. In addition, you must be able to prove the harm and damages you sustained as a result of the malpractice. Be prepared to provide medical bills, proof of lost wages and any other supporting evidence you’ve gathered.

Our Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneys can help investigate, document and prove that your doctor acted without the due care owed to you as a patient. Be sure to share all information you have with a qualified attorney who specializes in medical malpractice cases.

Common Errors Associated with Medical Malpractice

The following medical errors are often deemed malpractice.

  • Anesthesia errors: When an anesthesiologist fails to prepare the patient or the medical team prior to a procedure, errors can result. Failure to review the patient’s medical history thoroughly, potential allergic reactions or other pertinent information can be examples of medical malpractice. Serious injuries, including brain damage, disability or death can be the result of this type of malpractice. 
  • Diagnostic errors: Precious treatment time can be lost when a doctor fails to diagnose a patient’s condition properly or takes too long to make a valid diagnosis. Determining whether the doctor followed appropriate protocol for diagnosis can be the key to finding out whether the error is valid or the result of malpractice. For instance, did the doctor work to rule out all potential diagnoses? Did he order all reasonable tests and/or seek input from any specialists? 
  • Medication errors: Over dosage, under dosage, administration mistakes, illegible prescriptions and giving a patient the wrong drug are all examples of potential medication errors. Malfunctioning medication equipment also can contribute to medication errors. Pharmacists, nurses, doctors or a hospital can be responsible for this type of medical malpractice.
  • Surgery errors: Patients may be most aware of this potential type of malpractice. Leaving a foreign object in a body cavity or operating on the wrong body part or patient can be examples of surgery errors. These types of errors are particularly terrifying and always avoidable.
  • Air bubbles in blood: Removing a chest tube too quickly can lead to air bubbles in the patient’s blood, which can have devastating consequences.
  • Healthcare-associated infection: Failure to follow proper hygiene or other protocols can put patients at risk of infection while in a hospital or other healthcare facility. 

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