Pennsylvania Transvaginal Mesh Attorney Discusses Past Mesh Verdicts and Settlements

Many people across the United States have become aware of transvaginal mesh and how there are hundreds of thousands of claims pending against various pharmaceutical manufacturers.  The transvaginal mesh litigation is considered to be one of the largest “mass torts” in history, demonstrating that women truly have been harmed by transvaginal mesh products used to treat female pelvic conditions, including pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

There have been numerous settlements and verdicts regarding transvaginal mesh over the last three to four years.  The information below provides an overview of prior settlements and verdicts in favor of the injured women.  While there have been a few trials that found in favor of the transvaginal mesh manufacturers, the majority of the cases have resulted favorably for tens of thousands of injured women.

2012 Verdict Against C.R. Bard, Inc. in California State Court

An early transvaginal mesh trial against C.R. Bard, Inc. resulted in a $5.5 million verdict in favor of the injured plaintiff.  After losing an appeal, Bard ultimately paid $3.6 million to the plaintiff in this case.

July 2013 Verdict for the Plaintiff – West Virginia Federal Court

In July of 2013, a West Virginia jury found C.R. Bard, Inc. liable for injuries its transvaginal mesh product caused to a woman and finding that Bard did not adequately test its products before placing them on the market.  The jury’s verdict of $2 million included $250,000 in compensatory damages (pain, suffering, and medical expenses), and $1.75 million in punitive damages which are meant to punish and deter a defendant from committing similar conduct in the future.

Settlements with American Medical Systems, Inc.

American Medical Systems, Inc. settled a significant number of cases to date.  In June of 2013, American Medical Systems settled a group of cases for approximately $54.4 million.  In May of 2014, American Medical Systems settled 20,000 cases for $830 million.  While a great number of cases with this company have settled, there are still pending cases filed against this company.

September 2014 – Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson – West Virginia Federal Court

In September of 2014, a jury found Johnson & Johnson liable for injuries resulting from its transvaginal-tape sling product.  The jury awarded the injured plaintiff $3.27 million and found that Johnson & Johnson failed to warn about the true risks and complications associated with its transvaginal mesh sling product.

September 2014 – Verdict Against Boston Scientific Corporation in Texas State Court

Boston Scientific Corporation suffered a significant loss in September of 2014 when a Texas jury awarded an injured woman with a $73 million verdict.  Of this total amount, $50 was awarded in punitive or punishable damages. 

November 2014 – Two Trials Against Boston Scientific Corporation

Boston Scientific Corporation lost two trials in November of 2014.  The first case involved four plaintiffs and resulted in a $18.5 million verdict for the four women.  This trial occurred in West Virginia federal court.  The second verdict against Boston Scientific was for $26.7 million.  This trial occurred in Florida federal court.

January 2015 – Johnson & Johnson Settles Four Lawsuits for Undisclosed Amount

In January of 2015, Johnson & Johnson settled four transvaginal mesh cases for an undisclosed amount before going to trial.  Since then, there have not been any additional verdicts against this company.

In addition to the settlement and verdict information discussed above, there are many cases currently set for upcoming trials against some of the same companies as well as other manufacturers of transvaginal mesh products that have needlessly injured hundreds of thousands of women, if not more.

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