Safety Tips for Kids Who Ride the School Bus

If you’re the parent of a child who rides the school bus, it’s important that you have a talk with your child about bus safety. While the school bus driver handles making sure a bus accident doesn’t happen, children must also act responsibly while riding and waiting for the bus. Here are some school bus safety tips to share with your child.

Wear a Seatbelt if Available

While not all school buses come equipped with seatbelts, many of them do. If the school bus that your child rides does offer belts, make sure your kid understands the importance of buckling up. A belt can save a child’s life in the event of an accident.

Give the Bus Plenty of Room While Waiting

When waiting for the bus, it’s important that children line up in an orderly fashion and leave plenty of room between the curb and the front of the line. Pushing, shoving, or horseplay isn’t safe, and may lead to a child being the victim of a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident.

Watch Your Step Entering and Exiting the Bus

Children should also watch their step when both entering and exiting a bus.

A slip, trip, or fall can lead to a variety of injuries, including the following.

  • Head injuries
  • Broken bone injuries
  • Painful cuts, scrapes, and bruises

Look Both Ways Before Crossing

Motorists are required by law to stop when a school bus is displaying its stop sign. However, not all drivers follow the law or pay attention when driving. Encourage your child always to look both ways before walking behind the school bus and before every crossing the street.

Also, remind your child that unless specifically instructed to do so by the school bus driver, crossing behind the bus rather than in front of it is safest – a school bus driver may not be able to see a child crossing in front of the vehicle.

Stay in Your Seat

Finally, while riding the bus, talk to your child about the importance of staying seated as moving around can lead to an injury. While the bus is certainly a place for socializing, it should never be a place for physical or rough play.

If a Bus Injury Does Happen, that Involves Your Child

Sometimes, bus injuries happen that have nothing to do with the actions of your child. If your child has been hurt, you may want to read our bus accident blog to familiarize yourself with the procedure that follows filing a claim. After reading, don’t hesitate to call our offices for legal representation. You can reach Cordisco & Saile LLC LLC attorneys at 215-642-2335.