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Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Bucks County

Many Bucks County residents enjoy bicycling as a recreational activity and also as a means of transportation. While bicycling has many health benefits and is a pleasurable pastime, there are associated risks with riding bicycles on the area’s roadways.

A bicycle accident attorney can help you recover compensation for your damages if a negligent motorist caused your accident.

This page has been written and edited by a team of experienced legal writers . This page was approved by Managing Partner, Michael Saile who has more than 20 years of legal experience as a personal injury attorney.

Bicycle Laws Affect Fault in a Bike Accident

In Bucks County, cyclists must obey the rules of the road like any motorist. There is a general set of laws for all vehicles along with a specific set of laws for bicycles only. Bicyclists should ride on the right-hand side of the road except if they are passing a vehicle or if they are preparing to make a left turn.

Bicyclists also should not ride more than two abreast in the lane, except when on a designated exclusive use of bicycles.

These are just a couple of the laws that bicyclists must follow. Drivers also must treat bicyclists as vehicles and shall not unsafely pass a bicycle or cut in front of one when making a right turn. During investigation into a bicycle accident in Bensalem or Doylestown a lawyer, the insurance adjusters, and/or the police will examine whether either party violated a traffic law and caused the accident.

Filing a Claim after a Bicycle Accident

A Bucks County injury attorney can help you file a claim against an at-fault driver who caused your wreck. Because Pennsylvania is a choice no-fault state, your own insurance may provide medical benefits to cover your injuries and medical bills you sustained in the accident.

But unlike other drivers who are in an accident, you are automatically full tort if you’re hit while riding your bike, meaning you are not restricted in your right to pursue compensation for your pain and suffering.

Of course, you must prove the other driver caused your injuries, but even if you have limited tort coverage on your auto policy, you can file a claim for pain and suffering even if you didn’t suffer “serious” injuries.

Your attorney can help you prove that the driver caused the accident by collecting applicable evidence such as:

  • a police report.
  • witness statements.
  • photographs from the scene.
  • video surveillance.
  • and more.
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Each year, bicyclists are injured or killed in accidents. In Pennsylvania, the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) reported 11 riders were killed as a result of bicycle accidents and another 1,375 reported injuries statewide. Bicycle crashes are a reality everywhere, including in Bucks County.

Bicycle accidents may involve:

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