Is Physical Injury Possible in a 5MPH Car Accident in PA?

It has been falsely reported that people cannot be injured in a 5 mph car accident. Automobile manufactures claim that because cars are designed to crush or deform, at 5 mph, that the car’s occupants cannot be injured in a low speed car accident. Science and testing has proven this theory wrong.

The Spine Research Institute of San Diego who crashed dozens of cars in an independent study, found that the automobile manufactures’ safety claims are false. Many cars were crashed at speeds above 5 mph without obtaining “crush damage”.

Our experience with car accidents at Cordisco & Saile LLC, is that it doesn’t matter if the car has incurred “crush damage”. If a car does not incur “crush damage”, the full force of the impact is transferred throughout the car without absorption of the force of the impact in the crush zone. This type of thrust is then transferred to the occupants of the vehicle violently forcing their bodies forward then backward causing sometimes severe injuries to their neck and spine.

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