New LLP Blog Category: PA & NJ Speed Traps

As the Cordisco & Saile LLC Law Blog approaches its first anniversary, we are adding a new category to the Blog.

The “PA & NJ Speed Traps” category is now up and running. This is a place where anyone can post the location and type of a speed trap that they have seen or have been caught. You are welcome to post about any speed trap anywhere in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the State of New Jersey.

We realize that other websites have compiled lists of places where speed traps have been found. Some of these websites are pay sites. The Cordisco & Saile LLC blog is always free. As the Cordisco & Saile LLC Blog gets more popular this feature will be able to reach out to more people.

Some police agencies publish their speed trap plans and locations, some do not. Our hope is that with your knowledge that PA & NJ police are enforcing the speed limits that our local streets and highways will become a safer place.

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