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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Bucks County

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point in the day. Whether you are crossing the street, walking to your vehicle, taking a leisurely stroll, or walking as your means of transportation, you will find yourself sharing the road with other walkers, bicyclists, motorcyclists and drivers.

A pedestrian accident may be the result of:

Walking on public roads and streets carries some real risks and it’s essential that you know your legal rights in the event of a pedestrian accident. A lawyer in Bucks County could help you protect your rights and pursue legal damages.

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    What do I do if I’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident?

    You may be entitled to compensation for injuries you’ve sustained in the pedestrian accident. Contact an injury attorney in Bucks County who specializes in pedestrian accident cases and review your options. If there was a police officer on the scene of your accident, obtain a police report to help prove the other party was at fault and therefore liable for the accident.

    Provide your attorney with any:

    • photographs you have of the accident scene;
    • medical or other bills you’ve incurred; and
    • witness statements you’ve gathered.

    Record any lost time from work because of hospital or recovery time. Keeping all information related to your accident will help your attorney build your case against the at-fault driver.

    If your injury requires long-term recovery time your attorney will be able to advise you of any benefits to which you might be entitled that will help you recover or replace your previous source of income. Your lawyer will help you decide what damages you are entitled to recover and will work to obtain a settlement from your insurance company or the at-fault party’s insurance company. If you were seriously injured, refer any questions or settlement offers to your lawyer.

    At a time when you will need to focus on your recovery from the pedestrian accident, a lawyer in Bucks County can help you build your case, file suit if necessary, and perform the proper follow-up with all parties involved.

    Pennsylvania Insurance Laws Regarding Pedestrian Accidents

    In Pennsylvania, insurance companies can offer policyholders either a limited tort or full tort coverage as part of their automobile insurance policies. These tort options refer to the ability to bring a liability claim for pain and suffering against another party that is at fault in your accident.

    Policyholders with limited tort must suffer serious in order to be able to file a tort claim for damages. A full tort policy ensures the policyholder can bring a tort claim against the liable party without the burden of such limitations or thresholds.

    For pedestrians injured in motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania, though, full tort always applies. If you are injured in an accident while walking, you are able to bring a tort claim against the responsible party so you can recover compensation for pain and suffering, as well as other damages like medical bills, lost wages, etc.

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