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High energy forces at work in a Bucks County or Philadelphia accident can cause a pelvic or hip injury. Depending on the degree of the force and direction of the impact, these injuries can be fatal to you or your loved one.

The pelvis is a series of bony structures that surround your internal organs, blood vessels and nerves. For this reason, a high energy sustained pelvic fracture or hip injury may become life-threatening if there is excessive bleeding. This may cause your body to go into shock. It is critical if you are an accident victim, that you get prompt medical attention at the nearest trauma center. 

In this type of case, you may arrive at the trauma center in pain, swollen and bruised. If the doctors determine extreme destabilization of the pelvic structure, they will work to stabilize your pelvic area with an external brace with long screws that are inserted into the bones on each side and connected to an exterior frame. This way your doctor can work to repair blood vessels, internal organs and nerves.

In case of a fatal injury, the actual cause of death is often a result of complications like: 

•Severe bleeding
•Internal organ injury

…rather than from the pelvic fracture or hip injury. If you are fortunate to get prompt medical attention and your pelvic area is stable, you may only need the brace (fixator). However, if the pelvis is unstable, you may need surgery to insert plates or screws to hold the pelvis in place and protect internal organs, nerves and blood vessels from further injury.


What Can You Expect Once You’ve Made it Through Initial Trauma and Surgery?

Muscular, nerve and organ damage may cause you:

•Chronic pain
•Reduced mobility
•Sexual dysfunction
•To walk with a limp for several months


Usually the pelvic injury itself heals well. If you or a loved one has a hip or pelvic injury stemming from an auto accident, a Bucks County personal injury lawyer from Cordisco & Saile LLC can help you obtain compensation for your injuries. For more information, get our FREE PA Car Accident Guide.