Window Tinting Laws For Pennsylvania Car Owners

Many drivers in Pennsylvania are stopped for window tinting. It is important to know the Pennsylvania window tinting law so that you are not issued a traffic ticket. You should not provide local police officers or Pennsylvania State Troopers a legal reason to pull you over if you have been drinking and driving.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation adopted new regulations on window tinting in 1996. All passenger cars must not have window tinting on all windows, including the: windshield, front side, rear side and rear windows that transmit less than 70% of light. That means that 70% of light must pass through the window.

The law is different for trucks, multipurpose passenger vehicles, medium/heavy trucks and buses, and all other vehicles. These types of vehicles have no requirement for light transmittance on the rear side and rear windows.

Window tinting traffic tickets in Bucks County PA often lead to more severe traffic citations and/or criminal charges. It is wise to know and obey the window tinting law.

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