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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Norristown

Our team is ready to help you if you or a family member suffered a motorcycle accident in or around Norristown. Our compassionate personal injury attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC can complete all the tasks your case requires. Our goal is to get you back to living your life, not worrying about paperwork and medical bills.

What you can expect from your lawyer

Your case will require us to look at your accident and the resulting damages and form your case. We can do these tasks by:

  • Investigating your accident to discover fault and liability
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to secure a fair settlement
  • Answering your questions and explaining the process of your case
  • Filing paperwork and concerning ourselves with logistics
  • Covering your court fees until you get an award
  • Making your case in court, if necessary
  • Searching for and compiling evidence that supports your case
  • Retaining accident reconstructionists and expert medical witnesses

Your lawyer can help you with other tasks, depending on how your accident affected you and what you need. When Cordisco & Saile LLC is involved, you can expect a team that cares—as the following client reviews demonstrate.

“Besides doing an excellent job handling the legal issues, he helped me through the grieving process. Mr. Cordisco is a professional, personable lawyer.” – Anthony O.

“… Above all else I was most pleased with the fact that Mike and his entire staff genuinely cared about my father and worked hard and updated us through the entire process. I can’t think of a better person or lawyer that I would want to handle a case for me.” – Glenn K.

Damages we could fight for in your motorcycle accident case

You could recover an award to cover losses you have already faced and those you have yet to face. Such damages could include:

Medical costs

A car could have hit you and knocked you off your motorcycle, causing you to skid across the pavement. You might have needed on-scene attention, skin grafts, and a hospital stay. More severe injuries could require long-term treatment that involves physical therapy and medication. 

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Lost wages

You might not be able to work due to your injuries. We could seek lost paychecks, tips, bonuses, and benefits in your case.

Reduced earning capacity

Your accident might have left you with brain damage or the loss of a limb. Such a change in your abilities could mean that you cannot work to the same degree as before. You could claim the difference in income you face as an accident-related loss.

Non-economic damages

You do not need a receipt to receive damages for your losses, as some are intangible, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Depression
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

You could face other losses. Your legal team can look at your case and tell you of any opportunities for compensation.

What you should know about filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Pennsylvania

You might have lost a family member to a motorcycle accident in Norristown. While money cannot replace their memory, a financial award can help. You could be facing the following losses that compensation could help you. Your lawyer could secure the following damages for you:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Your loved one’s pain and suffering from before their passing
  • Lost income your loved one contributed
  • Lost income from taking time off work to care for your loved one

You could also recover damages for pain and suffering (yours and your family member’s before their passing).

How your accident could have occurred

Accidents in or near Norristown happen for many reasons, including intoxicated driving. Other ways you could have been injured or otherwise harmed include:

Distracted driving

The other party could have been paying more attention to their passengers or cell phone than the road. They could have failed to see a red light or stop sign and hit you while you were traveling through the intersection.

For instance, a texting driver could have hit you at the intersection of West Fornance and DeKalb.

Reckless driving

Actions like speeding or tailgating could have caused your motorcycle accident. The at-fault party could have made the decision to act recklessly, putting your safety at risk. This behavior is not only illegal but negligent. Your Norristown lawyer could hold such a party responsible for the losses they caused.

Failure to respond to the environment

The intersection of West Main and Markley St. often sees long traffic delays. A truck driver could have failed to consider his overloaded bed and did not give himself enough time to stop, hitting your motorcycle.

Other conditions that could have caused or contributed to your accident include weather phenomena, like rain or snow. These conditions can cause cars to drive slower and the road to become more dangerous. Any vehicle could lose traction due to a puddle or black ice and slide into other cars and motorcycles around them.

Ways you could help your lawyer before they start working on your case

Our legal professionals will not place anything on your plate. However, to help your situation, you can: 

  • Keep a journal of your injuries and pain and how you’re healing.
  • Take photos of your injuries and any damage to your motorcycle.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders to reach maximum medical improvement as soon as possible.
  • Give your lawyer all your medical care receipts. 
  • Do not accept a settlement offer without speaking to us.
  • Tell the insurance company only the facts, then direct their future calls to us.
  • Do not call the other party to make sure they’re okay. They may take something you say as an admission of guilt.

Proving negligence in a motorcycle accident case

Your lawyer will be familiar with the process that is required to secure damages. We will:

  • Prove the other party had a duty to keep you safe on the road.
  • Show that the other party did not uphold their duty.
  • Establish the cause of your accident. 
  • Display that the accident resulted in your losses.

We will use evidence like photographs, phone records, accident reports, and eyewitness testimony to prove negligence in your case.

Fee arrangement can intimidate accident victims, but don’t fret

You will not have to pay us up front or by the hour. We take our fee out of the award we win for you. This payment structure is called a contingency fee. You have nothing to lose by hiring our services. We don’t get paid unless you do, so your lawyer has an incentive to do all they can for your case.

How long do you have to file a lawsuit for damages?

Under Pennsylvania law, you have two years to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Do not let time slip by without holding the liable party responsible for your family’s pain. 

Your lawyer can inform you of any opportunities to extend the timeline. You might even have less time if you want to sue a municipality.

Retain a lawyer from Cordisco & Saile LLC

Call us at 215-642-2335 today for a free consultation. Our team can explain your options. We want to hear from you because you deserve a shoulder to lean on at this difficult time. Also, it is important to us to bring the at-fault and liable parties to justice.

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