Personal Injury Claim Process | Bucks Co. Personal Injury Lawyer

After a Bucks County car accident, you may suffer an injury. If you think your injury would make a good personal injury case, you should be aware of the process so you know what to expect. Knowing the process could determine whether or not you think going ahead with filing a personal injury claim is worth your time.

Once you determine that your injury is worth making a claim, the first step you should take is meeting with a personal injury attorney. After meeting with an attorney and asking questions about their experience as a personal injury lawyer, take the time to make sure this is the lawyer that you want representing you in court. Once you decide on an attorney make sure to go over the fees and how the lawyer you selected charges. Also, find out from your personal injury lawyer what your claim is worth.

Your lawyer will go over your case with you and ask you about the accident and about your injury. It is important to be honest with your lawyer as it will help your case. Your lawyer might recommend that the case be settled outside of court, but if this is not achieved your lawyer will file the lawsuit. Even after a lawsuit has been filed, your lawyer can still engage in settlement talks with the other party.

If a settlement cannot be reached, your personal injury lawyer will begin to prepare for the case to go to trial. This is called the discovery period. At trial, both sides will present their case that they have prepared. You may testify if you and your lawyer agree that it would be beneficial to your case. After the case is heard, the jury or the judge will determine how much to award you for your injury. You could be awarded the amount that you asked for, more, less or nothing at all.

If the jury or judge comes back with a decision in your favor, the defense team could still appeal. This could take some time and your lawyer will hold onto your award in a special account until a further decision is made.

Now that you know the process, you can know what to expect if you decided to make a personal injury claim. For more information about personal injury lawyers and the personal injury claim process, visit the website of Bucks County personal injury law firm, Cordisco & Saile LLC or call our office today to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer.