Why the Winter Holidays are More Dangerous for Car Accidents

Auto Accidents that occur during the winter holidays can be very overwhelming and can make life very difficult. Many people find themselves stressed and financially strapped during the holiday season, and a Bucks County auto accident can leave you with medical bills, repair bills, and even personal injuries which do not make the holidays any easier. No matter what you celebrate, the holiday season is a time for spending time with family and friends, not in the hospital or auto shop. PA personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile Jr.presents some enlightening reasons as to why auto accidents occur so often during the winter holidays.

There is a combination of factors which make it dangerous to drive in Pennsylvania during the holiday season. The following are only some of the many reasons that accident rates increase around the winter holidays.

Weather: Winter weather leads to many accidents in the, Newtown, Bucks County area. Whether it is freezing rain, a wintry mix or a snowstorm, local roadways become very dangerous when these conditions are present. Black ice, which is difficult to see and can cause you to lose control, is one of the leading causes of Pennsylvania auto accidents during the winter months.

Traffic: PA roadways can become very congested when residents venture out to do holiday shopping or to attend holiday parties. This increase in traffic can lead to not only longer time spent in the car and driver frustration, but also more auto accidents in the Philadelphia area.

Family Get-togethers: On and around the holidays many people get together with friends and family to celebrate. The sheer amount of people driving to and from different places on Christmas or New Year’s Eve can lead to a holiday disaster: an auto accident.

Drunk Driving: Driving drunk is dangerous at any time of the year, not to mention illegal, but combined with any of the above factors it is truly a risk you should not take. Many holiday parties revolve around drinking alcohol and having a good time, especially New Year’s Eve, but this can be a deadly plan.

In 2010, PennDOT reports that 10% of all accidents throughout the year took place in December. The first month of the year was not far behind, with 8.1% of the total accidents in PA occurring in January. During the Christmas and pre-Christmas week in 2010, there were 28 deaths. These statistics make Christmas and the holiday season a very dangerous time to drive on Bucks County roads.

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