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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Bucks County

Residential homes for the elderly, more colloquially known as nursing homes, can provide comfort, a social environment, health care services and an overall improved standard of living for many elderly adults in Bucks County. While many nursing homes provide comfort and joy to their residents, unfortunately, some residents experience nursing home abuse. The lawyers in Bucks County at Cordisco & Saile LLC can help take legal action against those responsible to recover damages.

This page has been written and edited by a team of experienced legal writers . This page was approved by Managing Partner, Michael Saile who has more than 20 years of legal experience as a personal injury attorney.

Fight the nursing home who abused or neglected your elderly parent!

Realizing your elderly parent has been abused or neglected by their entrusted caregivers is heart-wrenching. You can fight back by filing a lawsuit against the caregiver or their parent company.

Types of Elder and Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse stems far beyond simply verbally berating an elderly person in a nursing home. Rather, the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) states the major categories of elder abuse to be the following:

  • Physical abusesuch as inflicting or threatening pain, discomfort or injury on a nursing home resident. 
  • Emotional abuse, which includes causing mental pain or distress to an elderly person. This may include verbal and non-verbal actions, notes the NCEA.
  • Sexual abusewhich can include any non-consensual sexual contact, or even may include insisting an elderly person observe sexual behaviors. 
  • Neglect, which includes the failure to provide proper attention to an elderly person’s needs, including shelter, food, health care, protection, etc. Bed sores may be related to neglect in some cases. 
  • Abandonment, which is the desertion of an elderly person by the person or entity that has assumed his or her care.

While the emotional trauma that an elderly person can suffer at the hands of a nursing home can be monumental, physical injuries that may occur as a result of physical abuse, neglect or abandonment are also particularly concerning.

Common Nursing Home Injuries

When an elderly person living in a nursing home does not receive proper care or is abused, physical injuries may occur. Slips and falls are one of the main injuries that those living in a nursing home suffer, and, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 1,800 adults living in nursing homes die from fall-related injures each year. Those who do not die from slips and falls may sustain head injuries, broken bones, hip injuries or traumatic brain injuries. 

Other types of nursing home injuries include medication errors, bedsores and pressure ulcers, malnutrition and dehydration. Other signs of elderly abuse include inexplicable scratches, bites, burns or bruises.

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What to Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

If you suspect that a loved one is being abused in a nursing home or if you suspect the nursing home staff is acting negligently, then you need to act immediately. Inform the facility of your suspicions or your loved one’s complaints. You also may contact the local Area Agency on Aging, the phone number of which is in the blue pages of the phone book, or the Department of Health’s toll-free hotline at 800-254-5164.

Meanwhile, you may pursue a liability claim against those responsible for the abuse or neglect to recover damages. Proving that negligence and nursing home abuse occurred can be difficult and requires proper documentation and a thorough assessment of all factors. As such, if your loved one suffered nursing home abuse, an experienced attorney can help you handle the various aspects of your claim.

An attorney can help you prove negligence and get your loved one the compensation that he or she deserves. A person should never have to suffer at the hands of another in a care facility — at Cordisco & Saile LLC, we understand how important your elderly loved one is and will work hard to expose the nursing home’s negligence and abuse.

Act Quickly to File an Accident Claim

Don’t wait any longer to act. For more information about filing a claim, what types of compensation you may be able to recover, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Bucks County to get started. 

Pennsylvania law, as provided in 42 Pa. Cons. Stat. Ann. § 5524, grants injured parties only two years in which they may file claims to recover compensation for personal injury, after which they may be barred.

Call us now at 215-642-2335  or you may also contact us online to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation. To begin the process of recovery, speak with a nursing home neglect attorney today. We are prepared to discuss the specifics of your case, and help educate you on your options. We also have offices in Bristol, Doylestown, Langhorne, and Quakertown.

Cordisco & Saile: Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers of Bucks County, PA

Cordisco & Saile LLC can help if your loved ones have been mistreated. Contact our nursing home abuse attorneys in Bucks County, PA to set up a consultation to review case details and options you have for recovering compensation.

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