Missanelli: Has LeSean McCoy Hurt His Legacy?

Missanelli: Has LeSean McCoy Hurt His Legacy?

Has LeSean McCoy fragmented his legacy as a Philadelphia football hero and the Eagles all-time leading rusher? Unfortunately, with his childish racial accusations and failure to clarify those comments when given the chance, he has.

A couple of weeks ago, in an interview with ESPN the magazine, McCoy, still smarting from being traded from the cosmopolitan city of Philadelphia to the tundra of Buffalo, pulled out the biggest knife in the drawer to stab back. He implied that Chip Kelly was a racist who wasn’t comfortable having outspoken black men on his team.

Since McCoy had no evidence to substantiate his claim, at the very most his comments bordered on slander and at the very least, they produced an unsightly ink stain on a human being. McCoy said that Kelly “got rid of all the good black players.” That probably came as a surprise to the black players who remain on the Eagles roster, and the ones that Kelly acquired either through free agency or the draft. For the record, Kelly added more black players than white players, and also found time to release a couple of other white players.

Given the chance to clarify his remarks a couple of days ago in front of the Buffalo media, McCoy got bratty and threated to shut down his interview if he was asked one more question about Kelly or the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sorry Shady, when you open a can of live crawfish, you have a responsibility to provide maintenance when they crawl all over the living room floor.

Not doing so makes you a coward.

Thanks for reading – Mike