Auto Accident Risks in Yardley

Yardley, PA, is a great location: on the shore of the Delaware River and only a short distance from Interstate-95, Route 1 and New Jersey. Considering its heritage and beauty, Yardley is also a fairly popular tourist destination. Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. explains how these characteristics become factors in Philadelphia area auto accidents.


Location, Location, Location


It is hard to ignore the ease of traveling to and from Yardley. Conveniently located just minutes from the Newtown Bypass (Route 332) and a short bridge away from Ewing, NJ, Yardley sees a surprising amount of traffic each day. With more traffic comes a greater possibility of Bucks County auto accidents.  Not only are motorists at risk for accidents in Yardley, but cyclists as well.  River Road is lovely, as are the narrow, quaint streets lined with unique shops running through Yardley Borough, but these areas are also hot spots for bicycle accidents because most of the roads are without shoulders or a bike path.


Historical Significance


During the American Civil War, several establishments and homes in Yardley became stops along the Underground Railroad. Several historical elements remain in the town from those days, including historical homes and businesses, which attract tourists. These visitors, who may not be used to the local traffic patterns and routines, and may also be distracted by the charm of the town, can contribute to accidents.  Even a simple rear-end “fender bender” can leave you with a neck injury, back, and/or head injury.


Residents who Commute


Because of its close proximity to many important highways, many residents of Yardley work elsewhere. Those who work in New Jersey have easy access to a bridge across the Delaware River. Those who work in Philadelphia often make use of the SEPTA Regional Rail station in town. Commuters are also known to be fatigued, irritable, and often in a rush. These characteristics, coupled with the amount of drivers on the streets of Yardley, can easily result in auto accidents due to factors including speeding or distracted driving.


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