Party Liability For Truck Accident Injuries

Party liability for truck accident injuries may lay with a number of parties. For victims dealing with serious injuries, this can make an already stressful situation even more stressful. Claims may not only involve the driver of the truck, but the owner, the driver’s employer, the manufacturer and a number of other parties.

For help in determining who is responsible for damages and injuries caused in a truck accident, victims should get in contact with a truck accident attorney in Bensalem. An attorney will be able to assess the situation, determine party liability and assist in managing the victim’s claim with all of the insurance companies and parties involved.

Who Can Be Liable

Depending on the exact details of the wreck and the truck involved, party liability for truck accident injuries may be hard to determine in some cases. Hiring a truck accident attorney in Bensalem can be very helpful on this front.

Some of those parties include:

  • The truck driver – If the truck driver makes an error, drives recklessly (such as swerving in traffic or tailgating) or violates hours of service regulations, he or she could hold all, or a portion of, the responsibility if a wreck occurs.
  • The trucking company – If the driver of the truck is employed by a trucking company and currently on duty when the accident occurs, the company can also be held liable for damages. This type of party liability may apply if the company failed to properly inspect the truck, didn’t adequately screen the driver before hiring him or her, or if it pressured the driver to violate hours of service regulations in order to stay on schedule.
  • The manufacturer of the truck – If a defective part or piece of the truck caused the accident to occur, the truck’s manufacturer may hold liability for truck accident injuries.
  • The loading company – Improperly loaded or balanced cargo can lead to trucks rolling over, losing cargo and otherwise causing a wreck. When this occurs, the company responsible for loading the truck may be held liable for damages.
  • Government agencies – If the wreck stemmed from inadequately maintained roadways, road hazards, poor road design or other on-the-road issues, the local, state or federal agency in charge of its care could hold a level of responsibility.
  • The maintenance company – In the event a piece or part of the truck, trailer or cab fails, causing an accident, the company or individual in charge of caring for and maintaining the truck could be held liable.


Determining party liability for truck accident injuries can be difficult. There are often a number of factors that must be considered and, in the end, it’s possible that a number of parties could all share responsibility for the wreck. For this reason, it’s crucial that truck accident victims contact a truck accident attorney in Bensalem as soon as possible to begin the claims process.

How a Truck Accident Attorney in Bensalem Can Help

A lawyer can assist victims not only with determining liability for their wreck and resultant truck accident injuries, but also in a number of other ways throughout the claims process.

A truck accident attorney in Bensalem attorney can:

  • accurately determine how much victims are due;
  • negotiate settlements, and ensure victims are compensated adequately for the damages suffered;
  • handle communication between any involved insurance companies; and
  • gather evidence from the trucking company, police reports, state inspection reports and more to support the victim’s claim.


The statute of limitations on injury claims in the state of Pennsylvania is just two years from the date of the accident. Victims can contact a truck accident attorney in Bensalem at Cordisco & Saile LLC to discuss party liability for truck accident injuries.