Auto Accident Because Of Defective Brakes Lawyer in Bucks County

Working brakes are obviously an integral part of all automobiles. Without the brakes, a car or other motor vehicle would not be able to stop or steer correctly, which could lead to accidents. As such, drivers depend on their brakes in order to stay safe when behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, if poor manufacturing is to blame for a faulty set of brakes, it could contribute to a catastrophic accident, especially if the driver is unaware of the defective part. Drivers who have been involved in car accidents as a result of defective brakes should consider the following in order to pursue compensation for damages. Our defective brake lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC can help – 215-642-2335.

Causes of Defective Brakes

Defective brakes may be caused by a variety of factors. A set of defective brakes could be the result of design error; in this situation, all of the brakes of a specific model would possess a similar defect, and thus all be faulty. An error in the manufacturing process also might cause a defect.

In other scenarios, a set of defective brakes could be the result of an error performed during shipping or handling of the product. While the brakes are designed to work properly, the sets that were mishandled would retain the defect.

Meanwhile, faulty brake repairs or installation could lead to serious braking problems in some cases. Rather than a manufacturer that might be liable, the mechanic or other professional who repaired or installed the brakes could be liable for damages.

It is also important to understand that brakes do not have to fail entirely in order be defective. Take, for example, the case of ABS brakes, which are meant to prevent tires from locking when the brakes are applied. If the ABS system is faulty, application on the brakes may cause them to lock, leading to a serious accident.

Many times, the source of the defect is not readily visible, which is why it may be in the best interests of anyone injured by defective brakes to contact defective brake attorneys immediately for assistance.

How to Recover Compensation for Injuries

Anyone injured in an accident due to defective brakes may wish to file an accident claim or initiate a personal injury lawsuit. In order to pursue a successful claim or lawsuit, however, the injured party must demonstrate certain facts regarding the defective brakes. More specifically, the injured party must show that the brakes were, in fact, defective, and that the defective brakes ultimately led to the accident.

This can be a difficult task to perform without the aid of an attorney. Here, the insurance company or defendant in a personal injury suit may claim that the injured party’s own negligence caused the wreck and not the defective brakes. A product liability attorney can examine the nature of the accident, and, with the help of accident reconstructionists and other experts, help the injured party recover fair compensation for damages.

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