Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Bucks County

Motor vehicle accidents are a reality of the road and you need to be aware of your rights for protecting yourself if you’ve been involved in a roadway collision.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT), Bucks County is listed as one of the top ten counties in the state when it comes to:

  • reported motor vehicle accidents.
  • related fatalities to reported vehicle accidents.
  • population.
  • most miles of state highways.
  • and, most miles of local roads and streets.

Therefore, Bucks County qualifies as a densely populated, frequently traveled area. This increased likelihood of motor vehicle accidents warrants the education of the general public in the areas of legal rights after a motor vehicle accident. An attorney in Bucks County can also be helpful.

Understanding Pennsylvania Insurance Law

In Pennsylvania, auto insurers must provide no-fault accident insurance to motorists, which is a part of your policy that covers your medical expenses regardless of the at-fault party.

If you sustain injuries in a crash, your own insurance company will be responsible for paying the medical bills you incur up to policy limits. Understanding how your policy works and knowing who to contact for compensation helps to streamline the claims process.

In addition, auto insurance in Pennsylvania includes a limited tort/full tort choice on most policies. If you’ve selected limited tort, you will need to prove a serious injury and/or loss to be able to bring suit against the responsible party in the accident for pain and suffering damages.

A full tort policy is more costly in most cases, but allows you to bring suit against another party without the same thresholds and limitations associated with limited tort policies.

Understanding the types of coverage on your policy as well as whether you have limited or full tort – as well as the extent of your injuries – is a first step in exploring your legal options after a motor vehicle accident. An attorney in Bucks County can help you go over options specific to your situation.

Protecting Your Rights after an Accident in Bucks County

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle collision, you may be entitled to compensation for property damage and injuries. You may need the help of an attorney who specializes in automobile accident cases.                                                                                                          

Contact an attorney who has experience helping accident victims obtain fair settlements in cases similar to your own, whether you were in a typical car accident, or another type of motor vehicle accident like:

  • an ATV accident. 
  • a bus accident. 
  • a motorcycle accident.
  • or, a tractor-trailer accident. 

Further, it is essential that you maintain all information regarding the accident and provide your attorney with everything necessary to support your claim. If the police have been at the scene of the accident, request a copy of the police report to help you prove which party is at fault.

Save any and all photos of the crash or damage to your vehicle as well as:

  • estimates for repairs.
  • rental car bills.
  • medical bills.
  • and, information regarding lost time from work or school.

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