Dog Bite Injuries

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Dog Bite Injuries

There are a couple of different types of insurance that might come into play when someone suffers dog bite injuries. The type of insurance that will cover damages depends upon the nature of the accident and the owner’s policy details.

Homeowner’s Insurance

In most cases, when a victim is attacked by a dog, the owner’s homeowner’s insurance will cover the damages. Most policies have liability limits in the range of $100,000 to $300,000.

There are a couple of exceptions to these types of claims, however. Some policies state that they will not cover dog bite incidents that involve certain breeds such as pit bulls or Rottweilers. Likewise, some homeowner’s insurance policies will only cover one dog-related claim per policyholder. If the dog has attacked more than once, the fine print of the policy may have verbiage that excuses the insurer from subsequent claims.

Pet Liability Insurance

Some dog owners carry pet liability insurance. These policies provide coverage when an insured’s animal hurts someone. However, similar to a homeowner’s policy, most animal insurance policies only cover one incident per animal. If the dog has attacked before, the policy might not cover the victim’s damages.

Car Insurance

If the dog attack occurred in a vehicle, the owners’ car insurance may cover the damages. Auto insurance can come into play, for example, if you are bitten by someone’s dog while riding in their car or if you are passing a truck and a dog in the truck’s bed attacks you.

Victim’s Insurance

There are some situations in which a victim will have to use his or her own insurance to cover dog bite injuries, such as health insurance and disability insurance. Below are few examples of when victims’ personal insurance policies might have to foot the bill.

  • When the victim was bitten by his or her own dog
  • When the dog owner cannot be located
  • When the dog owner doesn’t have adequate insurance coverage to pay for the full extent of the victim’s damages

Don’t be reluctant to file a claim.

Some dog bite victims are reluctant to file an injury claim after a dog bite attack because they don’t want the owner (perhaps a neighbor or friend) to have to face financial hardship. Keep in mind that most of the time, the owner’s insurance policy will cover the expenses; the owner usually doesn’t pay anything out-of-pocket.

Don’t be reluctant to take legal action to recover your losses. If the owner isn’t held responsible via a claim, then you’ll most likely have to bear all the costs on your own.

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